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Prerequisites and supported software

Before you install or upgrade Merative™ Social Program Management, review the supported operating systems, prerequisites and the supported software to ensure compatibility.

8.1 Continuous Delivery

8.0.3 Continuous Delivery Long Term Support

Merative Social Program Management on Kubernetes

Additional prerequisites are needed to deploy Merative Social Program Management on cloud native hosting platforms. For information about deploying Social Program Management on IBM Cloud® Kubernetes Services (IKS) or Red Hat® OpenShift®, see the prerequisites in the Merative Kubernetes Runbook.

Merative SPM Citizen Engagement assets

Prerequisites and compatibility with Social Program Management versions are detailed in the PDF documentation for the Merative SPM Universal Access Responsive Web Application and the Merative SPM Design System assets.

Licence information

Supporting Program versions for Merative™ SPM Platform

Previous versions LTS

8.0.0 CD