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Cúram (SPM) Education

For a short overview of Cúram (SPM) Education, see the following short introductory video.

Why take training?

If you’ve seen anything of the Cúram (SPM) software, chances are you appreciate that it is a big product, with not just vast functionality to support complex business use cases, but also technically sophisticated and very configurable.

Who is SPM Education for?

Our training typically falls into one of 2 categories. It’s broadly either for Business users, or for Technical users - not only that, but it ranges from the 10,000ft viewpoint, all the way down to the lowest-level detail. We understand not everyone has the same needs.

In what formats are courses offered?

Presentation Format

Training courses are offered in presentation format - meaning that a course is typically created as a presentation that can be either consumed independently by the student (this is usually referred to as Self-Paced Learning), or an instructor may deliver it (remotely, or in person).

Personal Lab Environments

Since we perceive there to be significant value in ‘learning by doing’, there are practical exercises that accompany every topic of every course, performed by the student in their own, personal copy of a lab environment - this is a specially-configured virtual machine, which runs the Cúram SPM software, set up in a certain way to support the lab exercises and learning experience of the student.

What courses and learning paths are available?

We understand that different students have different needs, and so our training is organised into specific tracks, mostly aligned with the different core role types (i.e. Business User, or Technical User). For a full picture, see our Available Courses page.

Cúram (SPM) Certification

The V8 Certification test is currently in development and is expected to be released in the second half of 2023.

In the meantime, the V7 training courses and certification tests are still valuable and relevant for people who will work on V8 projects. No one need delay their SPM certification process by waiting for the V8 tests.

For more information, see the Cúram (SPM) Certification Program.

How can I book SPM training or certification tests?

To get started, please contact your Cúram (SPM) Sales representative, or email

Contact us

To get in touch generally, please email